Fort Moutains Desert
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“Khimsar Fort and the Khimsar Dunes Village perfectly compliment on another. History, leisure, desert adventure, sports, wild life safaris and historic sightseeing tours make it a “complete” holiday destination”.

Perched on the edge of the Great Thar Desert in the heart of rural India lies this unique 16th century fort that offers experience after exhilarating experience. Hundreds of years of history unfold as you glance at its battle-scarred walls and stroll down its ramparts. You are not prepared for the beauty, the grandeur, the layout or the magnificence of this castle even as you approach it through sand dunes and narrow countryside roads. It suddenly hits you on a blind corner. Come and savour the experience…

The Khimsar Dunes Village nestles amidst sand dunes that seem to roll into eternity. Fortunately, access is only by jeep, camel or horseback. It is truly remote, rural and romantic! Rustic in appearance, in consonance with the surroundings, these luxurious huts have been deliberately designed to be eco-friendly. Come savour the tranquility of the Thar desert in all its majesty! The mini-lake that appears out of nowhere seems to be just a mirage.

The Khimsar Dunes Village is a mere 15 minute drive from the Fort.

Also, what sets aside these properties from the others is the fact that these are family run hotels and 20th generation of the royal lineage still reside in the fort. The staff today are also direct descendants of royal courtiers who have served the family for generations with passion, loyalty and sincerity. This extended family offers hospitality at its best because it is hospitality from the heart!