Founded in the early 16th century, the Karamsot dynasty has a long lineage of capable rulers who fought hard battles but "lived with grace and dignity". Rao Karamsiji was the eighth son of Rao Jodhaji who was the founder of Jodhpur.

He established his kingdom between his brothers- the Maharajas of Jodhpur and Bikaner. The construction of the fort commenced in 1523 A.D. in the fairytale land of majestic forts and palaces. Thus began the dynasty of the Karamsot Rathores.


Reverse your time machine & walk back through history. Ramble along the pathways which lead to the turrets, ruins, stables, guns & cannons that transport you to a glorious past. Within the fort walls, visit and be blessed by Shiva. Scrutinize the 9th Century Jain Gods & Goddesses carved in sandstone, defaced by Aurangzeb, a ruler of the Mughal dynasty. Pillars erected in memory of war heroes & of 'Sati' (when courageous Rajput women burnt themselves alive on the funeral pyre of their husbands). Dine in the ancient ruins known as Fateh Mahal - named after Fateh Pir Baba, a great Sufi Saint who blessed the family. After his death, he was buried adjoining the fort walls. Fateh Mahal was under construction as a personal residence next to his tomb. The ruling chief died during the construction phase. Superstition had it that the Saint's spirit was not in peace. Hence, the building was left incomplete. Today these ruins provide an exquisite experience- a glimpse of the bygone era. The royal garage is home to a row of vintage cars-gleaming and immaculate!

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