“Khimsar Fort is a place forgotten by time, an oasis of charm and grace where everyday problems are washed away”

Located away from the stress of the city, Khimsar fort is a perfect place to restore your body, mind and soul in a truly rare and beautifully relaxed desert atmosphere. Indulge yourself and be taken away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The health club at Khimsar Fort is equipped with the latest Life Fitness gym equipment. A workout followed by a herbal oil massage/sauna or steam bath will help you overcome the fatigue encountered during your journey through the desert.




20 Min

This massage follows the Ayurvedic system of head massage that stimulates the scalp with warm oil, conditions the hair and reinforces the circulation to the brain. The massage mainly uses deep pressure point therapy on scalp and shoulders to alleviate tension headaches, spondylosis and stress. The forehead and upper back are also covered.


45 Min

Here selections of aroma oils are available to suit every mood you need to create in the privacy of your own room. Foot and head pressure points with full body massage ensure deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


30 Min

This is a foot massage, which revives health through activating reflex points on the feet. Micro meridians, spine points, lymphatic and organ points are energized to bring the mind and body to a state of mystical balance.


45 Min

A tissue warming up massage using cleansing scrubs and exfloliators. Dry friction and invigorating strokes of effleurage and kneading, boost blood circulation and clears lymph. Very bracing and tonifying massage to recondition the body. Aids in inch loss.


45 Min

The precise sequel of strokes relaxes muscles and eliminates knots. Muscle dysfunction, early signs of my ofacial pain and fatigue or excessive loading will be neutralized.Sedates and smoothens out strained muscles. Hydrates and tones the body.


45 Min

A deep acting massage using invigorating strokes to drain deep stores of cellulite and progressed lymph edema. Slimming oils and warming grains aid detoxification of tissue to instantly shrink the abdomen and waist. The massage activates constitutional abdominal points to improve digestive function. The abdomen achieves a pleasing instant shape up.


50 Min

This is a popular ayurvedic massage, which bathes the forehead with medicated hot oil in a continuous stream for 20 minutes. The oil soaks into the scalp and hair to invigorate blood circulation and relax the mind. A proven therapy for stress and nervous disorders whilst improving memory and aiding meditation. The head oil massage is followed by synchronized ayurvedic body massage, which has antiaging and therapeutic properties. A true and complete Indian experience in Wellness, also incorporating medical therapeutic attributes of ayurveda in oils and marma points.


30 / 60 Min

This is a basic Ayurvedic body massage based on constitutional types and health aspects. It relieves fatigue, improves immunity and clears elementary pain disorders. The body massage comprises invigorating full body sweeps with indulgent quantities of therapeutic oil to tone and soften the skin. The massage is remedial and can address health problems.

Ayurvedic menu


60 Min

A celebrated Ayurvedic massage for the head region, supported with a synchronized body massage. Hot medicated oil is poured in a continuous stream on the forehead and bathes the scalp.The scalp is massaged with the Indian reflex system that stimulates the crown chakra and harmonizes the mind- body equilibrium. The oils retexturize the hair and penetrate deep into the roots to promote a healthy growth. Steam and tub soaks aid the detoxification process.


60 Min

A special massage with hot oil over spinal disks to deeply relax and stretch out the spine. An ancient ayurvedic tradition, which uses flour rings to hold the oil for a few minutes over the chakras, or energy centres, that are believed to regulate many biological and spiritual functions.This massage is an important process in Ayurvedic wellness and has a corresponding system of meditation. The chakra basti is accompanied with a synchronized full body massage.


60 Min

Medicated herbal powders are massaged onto the skin following a warm oil body massage. This scrub is a unique ayurvedic formula to heal and retexturize the skin. The powders aid in toning and tightening the skin.


75 Min

A steam is followed by a hot oil massage, a herbal detoxifying scrub and a milk soak.The skin is thoroughly softened and cleaned to prepare for a clay body mask that purifies and beautifies the skin. The feet receive chakra pressure massage as the clay mask penetrates into the skin.

International Menu


75 Min plus hydrotherapy

A complete rejuvenating massage, which hydrates, exfoliates and nourishes the body whilst contouring it at the same time. The body is balanced out with drainage oils to soften the tissue and fatty areas are kneaded into shape. Subsequent friction with warming scrubs, hot towels and a hot milk soak retexturizing the skin. Hydrotherapy aids the detoxification process. Steam and hot tub soaks make this an indulgent spa experience


60 Min plus hydrotherapy

This massage activates main abdominal points to improve internal abdominal tone. The back muscles, which support the abdomen, are stretched and toned. Fatty areas are kneaded into shape. Surplus fluids released during the massage are moved through the lymphatic channels so that the abdomen returns to shape. Power dose of thermal fat loss cream is left on as a wrap and covered. This massage comes with a surprise treat of fragrant cedarwood scrub. Steam and hot towels help eliminate the waste and restore tone.


75 Min

A luxurious Swedish massage with jasmine oils blended in pure gold serum. The body is relaxed and beautified from tip to toe. A top up of fresh juice is used in a second step, which helps the penetration and absorption of gold serum. An aromatic sugar scrub is available on request. A Jacuzzi spa experience with gold ambience completes the signature therapy.


60 Min

Here you receive a fabulous face spa with perfumed fermentation, followed by a rich gold serum facial in Swedish style. Head, shoulders and feet receive a complementary massage. A gold face pack follows. Gold has amazing anti-aging radiance effects that transform the cells when absorbed. This is a beautifying therapy


60 Min

This is a Shiatzu massage based on finger pressure stimulation of reflex points. It is a dry massage with no undressing. The activation of the reflex points improves the energetic and overall health of the mind and body. A massage known for deep relaxation, it is also an aid to meditation.


60 Min

This massage can support a work out, eliminate fatigue and drain out lactic acid produced during the work out. Muscles are relaxed and toned. Orange aroma oils give a boost to the celluar energy and eliminate strain. A must for all gym users.


60 Min

This item focuses on aroma therapeutics for massage effects. An aroma oil selection is available to give you the mood to suit your journey. Swedish style massage aids penetration of oils into the deepest level of skin. Aroma oils are active at deep levels to heal and disinfect the tissue and help eliminate toxins through the bloodstream. Hydrotherapy is re commended prior to the massage.

"Khimsar Premium Spa"

Each of our Premium Spa Treatment is accompanied with a complimentary foot soak and Mehandi.

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